Board of Directors

John Carlsen 1

John R. Carlsen
Bus. Phone: 408.207.7673
CNSV Chair
IEEE Senior Member

Technical consulting, hardware and software R&D including architecture, circuits, PCB, PLD/FPGA, DFM, regulatory compliance, management, AI, ARM Cortex, Linux, UI.

John is CNSV Chair, and was CNSV Vice Chair in 2022.

John Carlsen 2

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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David M. Snyder 4

David M. Snyder, MBA, PE, CISSP, CSSP
Bus. Phone: 415.378.4160
Fax: 415.946.3318
CNSV Secretary
IEEE Senior Member

Cybersecurity, Digital Health, Compliance, Program Management, Electronic Payments, IoT.

David M. Snyder 5
226 Darryl Dr
Campbell, CA 95008

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Paul Jensen 7

Paul G. Jensen
Software Consultant
Bus. Phone: 650.766.1950
Mobile: 650.766.1950
CNSV Treasurer
IEEE Member

Embedded Software, Pay TV & Cinema technology, VR, Security, Compilers

311 Stanford Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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Brian A. Berg 9

Brian A. Berg
Bus. Phone: 408.741.5010
Mobile: 408.568.2505
CNSV Director
IEEE Senior Member

Flash Memory, USB, Consumer Electronics, Optical and Magnetic Storage. Expert witness: Patents, Trade Secrets. Software and Hardware design, embedded systems, device drivers, teardowns and analysis.

Brian A. Berg 10
14500 Big Basin Way, Suite J
Saratoga, CA 95070-6076

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David Chapman 12

David Chapman
Bus. Phone: 408.828.6467
Mobile: 408.828.6467
CNSV Director
IEEE Senior Member

Electronic Design Automation software development; expert witness - GDS/OASIS data file review

P.O. Box 36067
San Jose, CA 95158

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Thomas Coughlin 14

Thomas M. Coughlin, Ph.D.
Bus. Phone: 408.202.5098
CNSV Director
IEEE Life Fellow

Technical consulting, litigation support & digital storage and memory technical and marketing analysis and consulting, conference organizing.

Tom is a CNSV Director. He was CNSV Chair in 2022, a CNSV At-Large Director in 2016-2021, and has been a member of CNSV for over 10 years. He is an IEEE Fellow "for leadership in consumer electronics digital storage technology."

Thomas Coughlin 15
1665 Willowmont Ave
San Jose, CA 95124-3234

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T. Kim Parnell 17

Kim Parnell, Ph.D., P.E.
Bus. Phone: 408.203.9443
Mobile: 408.203.9443
CNSV Director
IEEE Life Senior Member

Medical Device, Expert Witness, Patent, Medical & Biotech Equipment, Mechanical Design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Simulation, Failure Analysis, Reliability, Consumer Products, Consumer Electronics, Product Liability, High Performance Computing, AI

T. Kim Parnell 18
1150 Kelsey Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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Chris Wilson 20

Chris K. Wilson
Bus. Phone: 650.867.2621
Mobile: 650.867.2621
CNSV Director
IEEE Senior Member

Vehicle Safety, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driverless Cars and Automated Vehicles, Connected Vehicles, Crash Reconstruction, Testifying Expert Witness.

Chris Wilson 21

Redwood City, CA 94062

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Andrew Wolfe 23

Andrew Wolfe, Ph.D.
Bus. Phone: 408.394.1096
Mobile: 408.394.1096
CNSV Director
IEEE Fellow

IP strategy, Microarchitecture, ICs, ASICs, DSP, embedded software and consumer electronics. Andy has been a CNSV At-Large Director since 2022.

2005 De La Cruz Blvd STE 142
Santa Clara, CA 95050

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John Gale 25

John Gale
Bus. Phone: 408.260.5630
CNSV At-Large Director
IEEE Member

John was a CNSV Director in 2013-2014, and an At-Large Director in 2009-2012 and again starting in 2022. He has also been Marketing Committee Chair, and co-founder/past Chair of the Consulting Practices Program (CPP).

19925 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

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Erin Shelby 27

Erin L. Shelby
Bus. Phone: 916.849.4079
Mobile: 916.849.4079
CNSV At-Large Director
IEEE Member

Erin is a CNSV At-Large Director.

Erin Shelby 28
PO Box 188353
Sacramento, CA 95818

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