Thomas M. Coughlin, Ph.D, IEEE Fellow
Bus. Phone: 408 202 5098
CNSV At-Large Director
IEEE Fellow

Technical consulting, litigation support, digital storage device and system technical and market analysis, conference organizing.

1665 Willowmont Ave.
San Jose, CA 95124-3234

Tom Coughlin is a widely respected storage analyst and consultant with over 35 years of experience in the data storage industry. His company Coughlin Associates provides market and technology analysis – including a newsletter and reports on several digital storage technologies and applications – as well as Data Storage Technical Consulting services.

Dr. Coughlin has many publications and six patents to his credit. His book Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics: The Essential Guide was the subject of his June 2008 CNSV Dinner meeting talk.

Tom is active with SMPTE, SNIA, IDEMA, the IEEE Magnetics Society, IEEE CE Society and other professional organizations. He is a very active IEEE member, holding many senior roles and positions over the years including current President-Elect of IEEE-USA and past Director of IEEE Region 6. He is the founder and organizer of the annual Storage Visions conference, as well as the Creative Storage Conference. He is a Gerson Lehrman Group Advisor, and was general chairman of the annual Flash Memory Summit for 10 years.

Tom has been a CNSV At-Large Director since 2016, and he is an IEEE Fellow “for leadership in consumer electronics digital storage technology.”

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