White Papers
Marketing Your Engineering Consulting Services On Craigslist 1

Marketing Your Engineering Consulting Services On Craigslist

by Carl Angotti & Walt Maclay
Paper published: Jan 15, 2015

Recommendations for Marketing Engineering Consulting Services to Silicon Valley - A White Paper Sponsored by the IEEE Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley (IEEE-CNSV). This paper provides a complete step-by-step process for using Craigslist as a tool to promote yourself as an independent consultant to potential clients. It was peer reviewed by eight consultants, one of of whom uses this process regularly.

The Professional Consultant 2

The Professional Consultant

by Duane Strong and John Gale
Paper published: Nov 17, 2009

This White Paper provides guidelines for Best Practices for Professional Consultants in Silicon Valley. It is based on the experience of the authors with the benefit of interactive discussions with the members of the Editorial Review Board.

Recommendations for Software Process Improvement 3

Recommendations for Software Process Improvement

by Duane Strong
Paper published: Jan 1, 2005

This paper will propose a number of recommendations to improve the quality and time to market of software components. These recommendations are well known in the software engineering discipline and have been documented by a number of case studies that show improvement in the software process in terms of fewer bugs, faster time to market, and a higher level of satisfaction by the end users of the software components.

Methods of Hardware Access in C++ 4

Methods of Hardware Access in C++

by Duane Strong
Paper published: Dec 29, 2004

This paper evaluates different methods for manipulating memory mapped hardware in a C++ environment. Alternatives are discussed and the resulting assembly code is examined for efficiency. GCC Intel x86 disassembly is shown in the examples. In an embedded system hardware register access is usually provided by direct addressing in the processors memory map. These systems require efficient access to these locations and typically involve individual bit manipulations in each register. In many cases blocks of registers are semantically bound together and an interface that reflects this grouping is desirable.

Using Thermocouples: Why the Error is More Than You Think 5

Using Thermocouples: Why the Error is More Than You Think

by Voler Systems
Paper published: Jan 1, 2003

The most common sensor is a temperature sensor, and the most common temperature sensor is a thermocouple, and yet most people do not know how a thermocouple works. They are one of the most complex sensors to measure, yet they are very low cost and rugged. If you do not understand cold junction compensation you probably have errors larger than what is specified for your device. First some basics, then we will discuss some serious common problems.