David Chapman 1

David Chapman
Bus. Phone: 408.828.6467
Mobile: 408.828.6467

CNSV Director

IEEE Senior Member

Electronic Design Automation software development; expert witness - GDS/OASIS data file review

P.O. Box 36067
San Jose, CA 95158

Electronic Design Automation software developer who has written more than 1 million lines of code in the following areas:

  • VLSI physical design and verification – placement, routing, design rule checking, circuit extraction, mask data preparation, scribe line generation
  • logic synthesis, physical synthesis
  • transistor-level circuit design and analysis – SPICE automation, timing analysis, library generation
  • Intellectual Property (IP) analysis and tracking

Expert witness specializing in GDS/GDSII/OASIS data file review for evidence of patent infringement or IP misuse

David has been a Director since 2020. He was CNSV Chair in 2018-2019, Vice Chair in 2017, Treasurer in 2015-2016, and an At-Large Director in 2014.

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