About Us
About Us 1
Bringing Together Consultants and Clients
IEEE-CNSV, the Santa Clara Valley Section of the IEEE Consultants’ Network, is a network that promotes the skills of its consultants, fosters collaboration among its members, creates alliances with other IEEE chapters, and provides educational opportunities in Silicon Valley.
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How are IEEE and CNSV connected?
IEEE-CNSV is organized under the auspices of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional society. The Institute’s US Activities Board, whose focus lies with issues surrounding the career engineer, began the groundwork for the Network in 1991. Since then, it has grown into a nation-wide representation named the Alliance of IEEE Consultants’ Networks (AICN), of which our Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley is an affiliate. IEEE membership is not a requirement for CNSV membership.
About Us 3
With a membership of over 200 consulting engineers, IEEE-CNSV is a premier source of high-tech consulting talent. CNSV aids in matching clients with consultants through its website and by way of networking opportunities at its monthly meetings. CNSV’s goals include promoting innovation and job growth, as well as adherence to the IEEE professional values as stated in the IEEE Code of Ethics.
About Us 4

  • Attract the best engineering consultants in Silicon Valley
  • Promote our membership effectively to clients
  • Serve as a platform for networking
  • Provide education and growth opportunities for members
  • Help new consultants establish their practice
About Us 5

  • Promote professional development of members in both business and technical matters
  • Offer more networking opportunities for our membership
  • Increase and recognize active members for their volunteer efforts
  • Improve knowledge of target markets for both clients and potential members

For more information, please see the CNSV Brochure.