CNSV Videos

Webinar: Trade Secrets – The Invisible IP

Mar 9, 2021
Trade secrets are the "secret sauce" upon which companies depend to ensure their competitive edge.  They encompass any and all information that a company would want to keep out of the hands of its competitors, including customer databases, marketing and business plans, financial information, and technological developments.

Webinar: Deep Learning-Based Image Reconstruction for MRI

Feb 9, 2021
This talk will discuss incorporating MRI modelling into neural network architectures to allow Deep Learning image reconstruction, and how this is reducing patient stress by dramatically shortening MRI exam times.

Webinar: Gravitational-Wave Antenna IEEE Milestone Dedication

Feb 3, 2021
An international event recognizing how massive antennas in the US and Italy confirmed Einstein's 1916 prediction about the nature of gravity.

Webinar: Piezoelectricity and Ultrasonic Devices – The Cornerstone of Modern Technology

Jan 12, 2021
Piezoelectricity is the basis of much of modern technology, including for various uses in your cell phone. This talk will provide an overview of its operation, and will discuss applications such as ultrasonic surgical transducers, transformers, and ultrasonic motors.

Webinar: Feeding the AI Beast

Dec 8, 2020
An AI compute engine is a "beast that must be fed" as it must operate on huge data sets to generate meaningful outcomes. This presentation will discuss architectures that enable this functionality.

Webinar: Taking Inventions to Market – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Nov 17, 2020
Invention often involves creating a solution to a long-felt unmet need. In this talk, Ted Selker will explore the process of invention, and some models for taking it to market and achieving business success.

Webinar: How Robots are Designed and Deployed in the Cloud

Oct 27, 2020
This presentation should appeal to both those in the "robot space" as well as those curious about it. It will include discussion of some foundational building blocks that can be used to create a robot, and demonstrations including how RoboMaker can be used to design, simulate and deploy a robot at scale.

Webinar: Hydrogen Energy Storage for the Decarbonized World

Jun 9, 2020

You will learn about approaches to energy storage including compression, liquefaction, incorporation in inorganic or organic compounds, and the tradeoffs encountered in different methods of storage and distribution.

Webinar: Autonomous Driving – Anticipating Human Behavior is the Hardest Problem

May 12, 2020
This talk will introduce macro-developments in the autonomous driving ecosystem over the last 5 years, followed by the work that a team of Harvard and MIT behavioral scientists, computer vision researchers, and machine learning experts is doing to give machines human-like intuition.

Webinar: How Ultra High-Field MRI is Revolutionizing Medicine

Apr 14, 2020

This talk will introduce some of the major challenges faced in ultra high‐field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (UHF MRI), and will summarize a number of concepts in engineering and multiphysics that are being researched to overcome these issues.

Webinar: Legal Issues for Consultants

Mar 27, 2020

Operating a consulting business can incur risks, and making a consulting business profitable and rewarding is not easy. Jonathan Sweet, Esq. will discuss tools to help reduce risk and increase profitability and satisfaction for both new and experienced consultants.

Cloud Native Software: The Benefits

Jan 14, 2020

Ron Herardian will discuss the advantages of Cloud Native software applications versus legacy software approaches, what is driving this disruptive change in the software industry, and what the future holds for software development.

Consulting in California: Understanding AB 5, and Keeping Your Independence

Nov 12, 2019

This event will include a panel of presenters who will discuss the impact of AB 5, and how best to deal with this impact so that independent consultants can maintain the independence that they have enjoyed for many years. The Q&A portion of the event will allow attendees to have their questions answered by the panel.

Wi-Fi: Past, Present, and Future

Sep 10, 2019

This talk will review the history of Wi-Fi technology, including the role of the IEEE 802.11 standards committee, technology breakthroughs that made low cost devices possible, and the progression to mobile phones and IoT.

Is a Secure Cloud the Impossible Dream?

Mar 12, 2019

In this talk, CNSV member Ron Herardian shows how different variants of the the cloud work, where the biggest vulnerabilities are, and how these are being addressed to protect your security.

Urban Aerial Ridesharing with eVTOLs

Feb 12, 2019

In this talk, David Josephson will discuss developments in quiet Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicles (eVTOLs) for use in cities, and why a new kind of noise metric is needed to accurately gauge community noise impact.

Taking the Pulse of 5G: The Status of the Next Gen Cellular Network

Jan 8, 2019

Jonathan Wells updates us on the progress of 5G over the last few years, and describes what we can reasonably expect for the future of wireless broadband, and provide a likely timeline.

Annual CNSV Dinner Meeting: A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture

Jun 13, 2018
Since we’ve lost the exponentially increasing resources provided by Dennard scaling and Moore’s law, we need radical architectural innovation to significantly improve cost, performance, energy and security. Aided by open source, agily-developed prototypes will demonstrate advances and thereby accelerate commercial adoption of new architectures.

The Untold Origins of Cloud Computing

May 8, 2018
Based on his book "The Tym Before … The Untold Origins of Cloud Computing," Nathan Gregory will tell the story not only of Tymnet and its parent company Tymshare, but also of the development of the ARPANET into today’s Internet.

Insider Secrets of a Robotics & Consumer Electronics Design Consultancy

Feb 13, 2018
The secret to the success of robotics consultancy OLogic in helping to launch over 100 successful robotics projects in the toys, education, consumer electronics and service robots industries will be discussed by Ted Larson, OLogic's CEO and co-founder.

Lunar Industrialization: The First Step to the Solar System

Jan 9, 2018
This presentation will cover the key elements that go into designing an infrastructure in transportation, site selection, and site development for lunar industrialization. Recent developments in IoT are key to lowering the cost of setup and operations.

Making Every Drop Count in Biomedical Analysis

Dec 12, 2017
CNSV member Dr. Giacomo Vacca will review a range of multiplexing principles used in biomedical applications, particularly blood analysis. Because of the scarcity and value of a biological sample, many methods have been invented to make the most out of very little.

Your Threat Score: Social Media, Privacy, and the Law

Nov 14, 2017
While you likely know that you have a Credit Score, did you know you may also have a “Threat Score”?  Attorney Charles Koch will present how social media information is used, the current state of the law with regard to information shared on social media and tips for legally protecting your privacy.

Augmented Reality: Stan Honey’s Impact on Sports Events and Navigation

Oct 10, 2017
Stan Honey will discuss his career of navigation-related adventures, the inventions he has spearheaded that have provided Emmy-winning augmented reality for sporting events, and his experience in circumnavigating the globe under sail in 48 days non-stop.

Part 2 - Automated Vehicles: Challenges and Opportunities
Oct 10, 2017
AV-SIG Chair Ioannis Kanellakopoulos and others in the SIG will lead a discussion of AV safety issues and an overview of the challenges that come with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and self-driving vehicles, as well as the potential opportunities in dealing with these challenges.

How LinkedIn, Google and PayPal Bested their Competition with Graph Engines

Sep 12, 2017
This talk will provide a primer of graph databases and graph-compute engines, and will describe how companies such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn use these as a strategic tool in their businesses.

The Technical Impossibilities of Autonomous Driving

Feb 14, 2017
In this talk, Dr. Mark Nitzberg will provide his engineering overview of autonomous driving, and will describe its greatest technical challenges. He will also discuss the companies in this field, and the technologies that they each hope will allow them to crack the code.

What You Need to Know About Blockchain for the Internet of Things

Jan 10, 2017
If you’re building or using Internet-connected devices, you need to know the key role blockchain technology will play in how we work with these devices. Come and learn the basics of blockchain, hear the range of possible uses, and see what is available today.

Game Design: The Dark Art of Human Motivation

Dec 13, 2016
As computing grows in its ubiquity in human experience, issues of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience are correspondingly more conspicuous. This talk will show how computer game design holds a large number of lessons and keys of which designers and engineers should be aware as computers embed themselves further into everyday life.

USB Type-C: One Plug to Rule Them All?

May 10, 2016
USB has become ubiquitous in consumer electronics, and USB Type-C provides a major upgrade. In this talk, Ken Shoemaker will elaborate about the various functions available over USB Type-C, along with some warnings about problems that can arise with different implementations.

Intellectual Pugilism: The Art and Science of Expert Witnessing

Apr 12, 2016
Expert witnessing is both art and science. The speaker will provide some insights into the necessary skills of an expert witness, and he will relate some situations and problems with which he has dealt.

Exploding Hoverboards, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Chinese Manufacturing But Were Afraid to Ask

Feb 9, 2016
Exploding hoverboards have been all over the news lately. This talk will discuss the manufacturing process in China, and what happened in the production of these items to make them so dangerous.

The USPTO and Silicon Valley: Opportunities for Engineers and Inventors

May 11, 2015
John Cabeca, Director of the Silicon Valley USPTO Satellite Office. John will discuss a number of topics of importance to inventors and innovators in our high tech hub, including the impact of the new Menlo Park Satellite Office and impact of the PTAB.