Argo AI adds self-driving highway skills

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by Joann Muller,  Axios Navigate

Friday, Feb 5, 2021

Argo AI says its autonomous test vehicles are now driving on highways, too, at least near Pittsburgh, with other markets coming soon.

Argo AI's self-driving test cars can "see" far ahead on the highway. Photo: Argo AI

Waymo is the only other AV company that is operating in urban, suburban and highway environments.
Why it matters: It's another step closer to commercialization of self-driving technology by opening up new business opportunities like driverless airport runs or on-demand delivery from warehouses to residential homes.

Between the lines: To operate in urban, suburban and highway environments requires both advanced software and the right sensors to be able detect nearby obstacles and to see far down the road at high speeds.

This article appeared first at Axios Navigate on Feb 5, 2021.