California Seeks to Prep Workforce for Coming AI Boom: Report

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by Vignesh Karunanidhi,  Watcher.Guru

Sunday, Nov 26, 2023

This week, California Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration released a detailed report outlining workforce preparation initiatives to prepare Californians for the emerging generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) economy.

The proposals emphasize educational opportunities and job training programs to mitigate the feared widespread unemployment from advanced AI systems.

“California Leads the Way in Preparing a Workforce for AI-Driven Economy” reads the subtitle of the 47-page document published on Tuesday.

It stresses that while AI promises improved productivity and efficiency, preparation is vital to prevent displacement as new technologies reshape industries.

The AI report cites a forecast by Goldman Sachs

The report cites a recent forecast by Goldman Sachs estimating 300 million jobs worldwide may be affected by AI, despite potential gains.

“As such, the state must lead in training and supporting workers, allowing them to participate in the AI economy and creating the demand for businesses to locate and hire here in California,” the report asserts.

To accomplish this, Governor Newsom advises launching GenAI education at higher education institutions and vocational schools statewide.

The curriculum would encompass the capabilities and limitations of systems like ChatGPT to dispel misconceptions. Hands-on exposure to using AI for practical tasks and supplementing human work would also be emphasized.

Additionally, the document calls for opening dedicated training programs within state government agencies. The goal is to upgrade civil servants’ tech skills for appropriate AI assistance in serving the public.


This article first appeared at Watcher.Guru on November 26, 2023.