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Rosemary Coates
Global Supply Chain Consulting, Chinese Manufacturing Expert Witness, Import/Export, Procurement, Logistics

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What Is Your Tariff Strategy?   12.Sep.2018
Panic. That’s what many companies are feeling now that nearly 6,000 Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) item classifications have been identified for the imposition of a 25% penalty tariff on imports from China.  Steel and aluminum tariffs apply more broadly to imports from many countries. These tariffs are adding cost to supply chains, but no value. […]

More Info on Hoverboard Safety   27.Mar.2016
Rosemary Coates gave an excellent presentation related to safety issues for hoverboards at the Feb 9, 2016 IEEE-CNSV Meeting. You can find the Abstract and slide presentation here for “Exploding Hoverboards, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Chinese Manufacturing But Were Afraid to Ask”.  This has continued to be a “hot” topic!!  Teardowns of specific […]

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The Battle Against Global Counterfeiting Continues   14.May.2024
CNSV member Rosemary Coates will detail how counterfeiters have attained a huge foothold in the world market, as well as how Amazon and Chinese retailers such as Alibaba, Taobao, JD, and others are aggressively tracking and eliminating counterfeits on their platforms through new technologies such as invisible pigments, QR codes, photo mapping, and RFID.

Reshoring and Rebuilding American Manufacturing   08.Sep.2021
In this talk, Rosemary Coates will discuss how her work in evaluating the possibilities of reshoring manufacturing in the U.S. led to creation of the Reshoring Institute.

Killing the Snake: How Counterfeiters Can Be Found and Eliminated   08.Oct.2019
This talk will describe how owners of brands and intellectual property are losing billions of dollars in revenue every year to counterfeiters, and how companies go about catching counterfeiters and make them go away.

The Role of The Expert Witness: A Panel Discussion   09.Apr.2019
This will be a panel discussion about the role of an Expert Witness. The panel will consist of IEEE-CNSV Members.

Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Inventiveness   18.Apr.2018
If you are a creative person, you likely have created intellectual property - including in ways you might now realize. Understanding contracts and the laws governing intellectual property is an important part of protecting your interests, particularly if you are a consultant.

Exploding Hoverboards, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Chinese Manufacturing But Were Afraid to Ask   09.Feb.2016
Exploding hoverboards have been all over the news lately. This talk will discuss the manufacturing process in China, and what happened in the production of these items to make them so dangerous.

What Everyone Should Know About China   19.Jan.2010
Nearly 40% of the world's production is now in China, and it is the world's fastest-growing middle-class market. Because our everyday lives are affected by what goes on a hemisphere away, a fundamental understanding of this market is important to anyone wishing to be better informed about what their future holds.