The World of the Expert Witness

Tue, Dec 13 2022, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm PST              The World of the Expert Witness 1


Legal disputes will often include one or more Expert Witnesses who provide their opinions based on their professional background and experiences.  Many high tech IP disputes play out in the courtroom, and an Expert Witness with critical technical experience and deep insight can play a pivotal role in these disputes where millions of dollars may be at stake.  Composure under pressure and indisputable technical prowess are the orders of the day.  A single misstep can be disastrous to the case and to an expert’s credibility.

Have you ever wondered about becoming an Expert Witness?  The work can be very demanding, and it is definitely not suited to everyone.  A significant number of CNSV members have extensive Expert Witness experience, including CNSV Board Director Joel Williams who will lead this presentation.  Two other Seasoned CNSV Board members will also take part in the discussion: Brian Berg and Andy Wolfe.  This event will provide an introduction to the work done by a technical Expert Witness and what skills are needed, and will also provide some suggestions about how to get started.

The World of the Expert Witness 3About the speaker,  Joel Williams of Embedded Linux Design Services

Joel Williams is an Expert Witness who has been involved in over 50 cases. He started his career at Bell Labs, and has been a consultant for over 40 years. Joel specializes in networking and Linux software. He is an IEEE Senior Life Member, and a CNSV Board Director.

The World of the Expert Witness 4About the speaker, Brian A. Berg of Berg Software Design

Brian Berg is a technical consultant specializing in consumer electronics devices and data storage, including flash memory.  He has been a consultant for over 40 years, and has extensive Expert Witness experience.  Brian is past Chair of the Santa Clara Valley Section, past CNSV Board Chair, and is currently a CNSV Director.  He is also Region 6 History Chair, and a member of the IEEE History Committee where he has worked extensively on IEEE Milestones both in Region 6 and the UK.

The World of the Expert Witness 5About the speaker, Andrew Wolfe of Wolfe Consulting

Andrew Wolfe, Ph.D. has over 25 years of experience as an expert witness in computer systems, consumer electronics, and related services.  He has participated in more than 200 litigation matters, and has testified in court more than 20 times.  Dr. Wolfe is an IEEE Fellow and a CNSV At-Large Director.  He now teaches full time in Santa Clara University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.



Event recording coming soon.