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Intelligent Hospitals are Harnessing High Tech Developments 1
Posted Monday, Nov 24, 2014 by Dennis Falknstein

The most recent IEEE-PULSE publication dedicates several articles to the new generation of hospitals. The technologies behind these new billion dollar hospitals run the spectrum of science and engineering. But are the hospitals intelligent or are they rather enablers for better care? The use of “intelligent devices” needs to be carefully constructed. These devices…

C++ 14 has been finalized 2
Posted Friday, Nov 21, 2014 by David Chapman

C++ is 35 years old, and the most recent standard, C++ 14 (based on the year, not the number of revisions) has just come out. Bjarne Stroustrup, the developer of C++, talked about goals for the next release, C++ 17, in an InfoWorld interview. I’ve been using C++ for 23 years, since I got…

Elon Musk’s Next Mission: Internet Satellites 3
Posted Wednesday, Nov 12, 2014 by Jonathan Wells

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX, is now foraying into satellites. Much as he did with the car and space businesses, he’s once again ignoring industry norms. His proposed satellite fleet consists of 700 birds (10 times the size of the largest current satellite…

Highlight of Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas 4
Posted Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014 by Jonathan Wells

While the world was busy obsessing over Apple’s latest iAnnouncements, I joined more than 1,100 exhibitors in Las Vegas last week for CTIA 2014 – the annual cellular industry show, now co-located with “4G World” and dubbed “Super Mobility Week.” Although I go to catch up on the latest infrastructure developments (new base stations,…

FCC signals intent to allow Internet "fast lanes" 5
Posted Thursday, Apr 24, 2014 by Jeff Safire

Well, this doesn’t sound like good news. Actually, the FCC seems to be expressing mixed signals regarding ‘Net Neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission plans to propose rules that would allow companies to pay Internet providers to deliver their content faster. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the agency’s plans would not eliminate Net neutrality. See…

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