Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office lets you ‘use the apps you’re already comfortable with’

Posted Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015 by Jeff Safire

Wow. Has Google really caved to MS Office?

Emil Protalinski
July 21, 2015

Google has launched something quite surprising today: Google Drive for Microsoft Office. That’s right, the company now offers a plugin that lets you edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents stored in Google Drive using Microsoft Office.

Once you’re done making changes, you can then save them back to Google Drive right from the Office apps. The pitch is simple: “With Google Drive, you can keep all your important files in one place, then open them with your choice of apps and devices,” Darrell Kuhn, technical program manager of the Google Drive plugin wrote today. The company hopes the plugin will be useful when sharing files with teams or for accessing your files across devices on Windows computers.

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  1. User AvatarKim Parnell

    This is a very useful capability if it supports the full MS-Office functionality. The Google Office apps are fine for reviewing documents and making simple changes, but they are limited in many other areas. I often need to use TRACK CHANGES to streamline the revising and editing of documents. TRACK CHANGES is definitely not supported in Google Office Apps.

    Capabilities like this and cloud storage of documents is very beneficial in collaborating with clients

    I hope users of Google Drive for MS-Office will report back here on their experiences. It will be great to have the feedback.