Consulting Mentoring Program (CMP)

Find a Mentor

Connect with other consultants one-to-one.
Learn how they operate and how you can expand and improve your consulting practice.
If you are thinking of starting a consulting practice, a mentor can advise on how to begin.
If you are already consulting, you can expect advice specific to you on how to develop and hone skills in specific areas such as:

  • Marketing your services to find new clients – branding, market positioning, marcom.
  • Making sales – how to engage and close on a consulting contract
  • Maintaining and expanding client relationships – how to identify additional work within your client base
  • Expand and maintain your consulting network
  • Business structure: incorporating/sole proprietor, business software, finance management, licenses, insurance, etc.

Be a Mentor

As a mentor, you can expect to help a someone get started or advance in their consulting practice and reevaluate your own practice.
You should spend a non-invasive amount of time preparing for your sessions as well as mentoring. Mentoring includes giving your opinions based on your experience, and also challenging some of your own practices. Often the mentee will have perspectives and insights that are instructive for you. This is usually a good learning and growing experience for the mentor as well as the mentee, and well worth the time investment. You can expect to offer advice on the areas within your own comfort and skill level.

About the CMP Program

  • The CNSV/CMP program is open to all CNSV members free of charge.   Join CNSV Now!
  • This CMP program may be the only resource for consulting advice that is specific to your situation.
  • Most available consulting advice is generic in nature and rarely focused on running a high-tech consulting practice.
  • In addition, one-to-one mentoring with an experienced peer is extremely well–tuned to your needs and very efficient. CNSV will individually match mentors and mentees to provide the best chances for success.

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