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William R. Kassebaum, PE
Bus. Phone: 317.225.4126
Mobile: 317.506.7931

CNSV Member

IEEE Senior Member

Low Voltage Power Distribution, Computer Engineering Embedded or Internet, Project Management, System Engineering, Executive Management, Entrepreneurship, Planning & Estimating, Research sprints

7239 W 34th St
Indianapolis, IN 46214-1861

William R. Kassebaum (Will) is the president of Kassebaum Engineering LLC.  Kassebaum Engineering LLC (KE) is staffed by Will, John, and Jill Kassebaum along with our partners and suppliers. KE provides expert embedded systems design and development, power distribution design – including design drawings in AutoCAD, electrical and I&C, power studies, cost estimation and construction observation.

  • Electrical Design for Water, Waste-water, Buildings, Street Scapes, and electrical instrumentation and control
  • Systems are mission specific embedded computing devices that often use secure communications technology and protocols. 
  • C, C++, Java, Javscript, Perl, Python, compiler systems, and most modern computing languages and environments
  • Including cloud data services and deliver data notifications to attached displays, client kiosks, and/or mobile devices and provide authenticated system control. 
  • Our professional engineers and partners deliver systems and applications to customers in the military, consumer electronics, industrial, and biotechnology industries. 
  • We use a systems engineering approach with formal project management and tracking.
  • We can provide high quality technical documentation including concepts of operations; descriptive and instructive documentation; and formal test planning, procedures, and reporting.
  • Projects advance with agile teaming methods, formal version control and issue tracking, and continuous integration and deployment processes.
  • We apply modern hardware, software, and cyber security technologies. 
  • We provide modeling, machine learning and computational intelligence, data science, and signal processing for the development of smart specialized computing devices for mission critical applications.

We perform R&D oriented research sprints to elucidate technology options; aid in the development of specs, features, or other requirements; or to develop operational concepts for further development and for guiding development teams forward.    Lastly, we are experienced in building and operating companies – planning, operations, management, financing (CFO and fundraising), as well as management and coordination of/with a board-of-directors.  We are also well versed in many technologies including network architecture, military and consumer electronics, industrial automation and IIOT, solar and power applications, radio and propagation, biotechnology, data science and engineering analysis.   Our eclectic and extensive skill set is very useful in conceiving and directing novel approaches to important problems. Visit our website to learn more about Will and John Kassebaum.

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