Steven J. Anderson
Signal Dynamics Corp.
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CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Communications and instrumentation circuit design from DC to microwave.

1202 Kifer Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Experienced in analysis, simulation, design, and product development in the communications and instrumentation fields, including such areas as:

  • ISM band local area networks
  • cellular radio
  • satellite communications
  • broadcast and cable television
  • semiconductor test equipment

Areas of specialization:

  • Radio frequency and microwave communications circuits for wireless LAN, cellular radio, CATV, and other applications, including frequency synthesizers, phase locked loops, voltage controlled oscillators, crystal oscillators, low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, filters, modulators, demodulators, AGC, and frequency converters.
  • Analog circuit design from DC to RF, including wideband amplifiers, low noise preamplifiers for electro-optic sensors, instrumentation, video, audio, data conversion, EMI and RFI control, and signal conditioning.


  • 28 years in industry
  • 18 years as a consultant
  • co-inventor of seven U.S. patents
  • MSEE and BSEE from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)