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Seshadri Sivakumar, BSc, BE, MScEE, PhD
Pasumai EnergyTech
Bus. Phone: 510.334.7618

CNSV Member

IEEE Life Senior Member

Power Electronics, Inverters, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Grid Integration, Product Development, System Engineering, Machine Learning, Modeling and Simulation, Design Reviews, Technical Due Diligence

3689 Access CMN
Fremont, CA 94538

Specializing in advanced electrical and power electronic systems development for renewable energy and high reliability markets.

Core expertise:
– Power electronic topologies and circuits.
– Control system design and implementation.
– System architecture development.
– Machine learning algorithms with recurrent neural networks.
– System modeling and simulation.
– Technical due diligence and design review.
– Failure mode effects analysis.
– Failure analysis and corrective actions.
– PLC implementation of control, monitoring, and protection algorithms.
– Technical proposals for government and industry funding.

Application experience:
– High power DC chargers for electric vehicles.
– Ocean wave energy conversion systems.
– Vehicle to Grid and Vehicle to Everything readiness.
– Inverters for large scale solar PV power plants.
– Sensor less control schemes for permanent magnet and induction generators.
– Advanced RF pulsing techniques in plasma generators for semiconductor processing.
– Electromagnetic pulse impact on naval towed array system.
– Design readiness reviews for venture-capital & industrial clients: vehicle on-board charging, battery storage-based load profiling system, microturbine based CHP system, & industrial controllers.
– Failure analysis & corrective action tasks on inverter-induced turbine failure.
– Inverters, converters, and uninterruptible & no-break power supplies for naval shipboard applications

Hands-on tools experience:
– MATLAB/Simulink, MathCad (analysis, system modeling & simulation)
– PSim & PLECS (power electronic simulation)
– TwinCAT 3 (Beckhoff programmable logic controller)
– Tatsoft Factory Studio (human-machine interface)
– Python & Tensorflow (machine learning)

– M.Sc.E & Ph.D in electrical engineering, University of New Brunswick, Canada
– B.E in electrical engineering, Indian Institute of Science, India
– B.Sc in mathematics, physics & mathematical statistics, University of Madras, India

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