Marcelo Siero 1

Marcelo Siero
Bus. Phone: 831.335.5600

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Computer design, verification, circuit design, SPICE, CAD development, Perl, C++

165 Brackney Rd.
Ben Lomond, CA 95005-9719

Marcelo brings 30 years of a broad base of experience in computer engineering and technical marketing.

Computer and VLSI Design, and Computer Design CAD

  • Design verification: functional, logic, circuit, and layout
  • CISC and RISC computer architecture definition, including hardware and software.
  • Implementation of computer farms for computer simulation applications
  • Digital design VLSI/board level, circuit design, testing
  • Bit-slice systems and microprogramming
  • Computer bit-map graphics and video systems
  • use of SPICE, DRC/LVS checking, logic simulators, and schematic capture systems.

Software Development

  • Linux-based software development, C++ and Perl based.
  • 32-bit microprocessors: Intel x86 and i860, NSM 32000, AMD 29XXX, Gmicro/100/200/300 (TRON), IBM RS/6000, Fujitsu Sparclite, MIPS R3000/4000, Motorola 68040.
  • Gnu compiler-based embedded software development.
  • Embedded processor hardware design.

Compiler Design and Software Development

  • C, C++, Pascal compilers, design and development
  • Code generation and optimization techniques, including data flow analysis
  • Operating systems administration: Linux

Technical Documentation and Instruction

  • Technical documentation: software, hardware, VLSI CAD, computer technology.
  • Languages and other software tools: Perl, C++, Pascal, CGI + much more.
  • Technical Training, Unix, Perl and other subjects.

Internet Infrastructure Management

  • Internet server deployment and management under Linux
  • Security and system administration under Linux
  • Perl + CGI web-based programming
  • MySQL web database programming