Donald Gibson
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Intellectual Property - Patent Agent
Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Wireless systems
Electronic Devices
Optical Systems

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Patent Agent – Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Results oriented with a solid ability to draft strong defensible patent applications, reports, and claims.

Skilled presenter and communicator with a dynamic ability to clearly communicate patentability with inventors, examiners, attorneys, and clients.

Extensive expertise in technical and legal aspects of patent applications.

Track record of success in interpreting and contributing insightful analysis to eliminate challenges in achieving critical business objectives.

Qualified troubleshooter continually focused on identifying, isolating, and resolving technical issues.

Experienced utilizing patent software tools for patent proofreading and analysis.

Proficient working with start-ups and large high-tech companies.

Prior art/invalidity/infringement/freedom to operate analysis.

Knowledge of USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office) procedures and MPEP (patent law)

Technical proficiency in electronics, telecom, wireless, networking, optics, sensors, microcontrollers, semiconductors, circuits, software, audio/video/imaging, health systems/medical devices, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, autonomous vehicles, location technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), business methods, IoT, machine learning, virtual reality, mechanical.

USPTO Registered Patent Agent, MS Engineering, BSEE, MBA

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