Bhaskar L. Mantha, Ph.D.
Bus. Phone: 925 413 8365
Mobile: 925.413.8365
CNSV Member
IEEE Member

Professor: Semiconductor Device Physics, Electrical Circuit Analysis, Photovoltaic Technologies

FLASH Memory Technology Development, Photovoltaic technology development

1216 Summer Ct.
Pleasanton, CA 94566

  • Teaching a graduate course on “Principles of Semiconductor Devices” – San Jose State University (Electrical Engineering)
  •  Teaching an undergraduate course on “Introduction to Circuit Analysis” – San Jose State University (Electrical Engineering)
  • Teaching an undergraduate course in Physical Electronics
  • Taught “Design and Fabrication of Photovoltaic Devices” –  Santa Clara University (Electrical Engineering)
  • Taught “Introduction to Nanotechnology” –  Santa Clara University (Electrical Engineering)
  • Teaching Consultant, Photovoltaic Technologies
  • Analyzed 90 nm layout rules for special structures (Semisolutions and IBM)
  • Consultant – San Jose State University, Electrical Engineering
  • Consultant – Santa Clara University, Electrical Engineering
  • Consultant – Stanford University, Materials Science (Polymer electronics)
  • Semiconductor process technology development
  • CMOS Technology transfer to manufacturing
  • Failure analysis for semiconductor chips
  • TCAD simulations using Silvaco and Synopsis tools
  • FLASH Memory Technology development
  • FLASH memory Technology transfer to manufacturing
  • Process integration and process flow definition
  • Device testing and measurements