Art Rahman
Retired Consultant
Mobile: 408.265.3457
Other: 916.682.7207

CNSV Emeritus Member

IEEE Senior Member

Art is now deceased.  RIP.

72 Bonaventure Ct.
Sacramento, CA 95823-5964

Art was one of the founders of CNSV in 1993. He ran the organization until 1995, at which time the Bylaws were established, dues were set and an officers’ election was held for the formal IEEE organization. Art has held the following Board positions:

  • Chair: 1995, 1996, 1997, 2004
  • Director: 1998, 1999
  • At-Large Director: 2005

Art is a Senior Member of the IEEE Computer Society. He has published articles in IEEE journals, and has been a frequent speaker at IEEE workshops across the country. Art was one of the invited speakers at the Hong Kong Productivity Council in July 1996, and was the recipient of the IEEE Professional Achievement Award in 1999.

Art established Info Science in 1993. He has over twenty years experience in the computer industry where he managed, designed and developed projects, large and small. He is experienced in ATM technology, has performed market research, and has been an Expert Witness.