Wireless Sensors and Control Networks: A Watershed Event

Tue, Feb 19 2008, 7:00 pm              Wireless Sensors and Control Networks: A Watershed Event 1

Dr. Bob Heile is Chair of the ZigBee Alliance. This talk will provide an overview of the alliance and its mission. He will address the basic functionality delivered by the standard, where it fits in the wireless arena, plus next steps for the 230-member strong ecosystem of companies creating applications for use in home, commercial and industrial markets.

Bob will discuss why ZigBee is uniquely positioned to enable Automatic Metering Infrastructure and the Smart Grid offering energy utilities and their customers unprecedented ability to control and manage their energy consumption for a greener world. He will also present his insight on major corporations plans to offer new ZigBee products and services, as well as information on how companies are implementing ZigBee technology to save money, improve reliability, and offer new services.

Because ZigBee technology is expected to be embedded in a wide range of products and applications around the world, Dr. Heile is uniquely positioned to offer observations on the consequences OEMs and their customers could face by selecting the wrong technology or by simply ignoring the need to plan for and adopt this next great wave of innovation.

About the speaker,  Bob Heile, ZigBee Alliance

Bob is a 20-plus year veteran in the field of data communications and wireless data with several articles and workshops to his credit. He is a founding member and chair of 802.15, the IEEE working group on wireless personal-area networks, Chairman of the ZigBee Alliance, and chair of 802.15 Task Group 3a looking at UWB and other PHY layer alternatives for 802.15.3.

In 1990, Bob was one of the founding members of 802.11, and he continues in an active role today. With GTE, Bob was responsible for wireless opportunity business development. He joined BBN in early 1997, prior to its acquisition by GTE, with the mission of commercializing wireless ad hoc networking and wireless PAN technologies.

From 1990 to 1996, Bob was VP of Engineering and Business Development for TyLink Corp, a bootstrap start-up in high-speed digital access products and network and circuit management software, and was a co-founder of Windata, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of wireless LANs. From 1980-1990, Bob was with Codex, a subsidiary of Motorola, where he was VP/GM of the Company’s modem business.

Bob holds a B.A. degree from Oberlin College and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from The Johns Hopkins University.

Location: KeyPoint Credit Union

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