Landing a Consulting Job Using Three Critical Questions

Tue, Mar 9 2010, 7:00 pm              Landing a Consulting Job Using Three Critical Questions 1

The initial interview with a potential client is always important. First impressions can make or break the deal. This interview should allow you to understand the project’s objectives and the importance of the results.

Asking the right questions is a subtle way to demonstrate that you understand the work to be performed. Simply asking the right questions can bring clarity to your client about your skills while demonstrating your ability to provide value. It can also allow you to better judge how much the client really understands the task to be performed.

Fred will explore a handful of techniques that will permit you to succeed during this initial interview. Asking three critical questions sounds easy, but phrasing them correctly and correctly assessing a client’s response is the trick. With practice, these questions can become second nature in your approach to a new client.

Landing a Consulting Job Using Three Critical Questions 2About the speaker,  Fred Schenkelberg, FMS Reliability

Fred joined the ranks of independent consultants in 2004 to focus on reliability engineering. He works with a wide variety of clients using reliability assessments as a starting point to develop detailed reliability plans and programs. He also uses his reliability engineering and statistical skills to design and conduct accelerated life tests.

Fred previously worked at HP in Vancouver, WA and Palo Alto, CA, and co-founded the HP Product Reliability Team. In that role, Fred was responsible for the consulting, training, and community building aspects of HP’s Product Reliability Program.

Fred he has a BS in Physics from the United States Military Academy and an MS in Statistics from Stanford. He is a Reliability & Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) Management Committee member, Vice Chair of the local IEEE Reliability Society chapter, and American Society for Quality (ASQ) Reliability Division Chair.

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