Annual CNSV Dinner Meeting: Consulting Lessons Learned

Dinner served at 7pm, followed by various speakers

Tue, Jun 13 2006, 6:30 pm        

There are many issues that consultants need to address to be successful, including:

  • What makes for a good or bad client?
  • What are red flags to watch out for?
  • How should one deal with a poorly managed project?
  • How should one deal with slow payments?

You are invited to come and hear stories of lessons learned from fellow consultants, and to share your own experiences. We will also award Emeritus Membership status to Bobbie Cronquist and Bill Rousseau. Impromptu stories about consulting or about Bobbie and Bill may be offered, but contact CNSV Chair Brian Berg to secure a spot in the program. We will also recognize the work done by Debra Willrett in creating our new website.

Location: House of Sichuan

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