Disney bringing awesome robots to Disneyland! 1

Disney bringing awesome robots to Disneyland!

Posted Friday, Jul 3, 2015 by Jeff Safire

New patent awarded this week. This is exciting and fun technology and I’m sure Disney will do amazing things with it.

From Deepak Gupta (Patent Yogi):

This is one of most amazing patents I have seen in a long time. Disney is bringing robots to Disneyland.

Disney has patented robot pixels, which are basically mobile robots with controllable color. These robot pixels can be moved around to form images and animations.

Disney’s robot pixels work even on walls. The robots use electro-adhesion to stick to the wall and move around. Hi, Buddy! The robot pixels could also be robot boats deployed on a water surface.

The most interesting application is flying robots which may be used in the night time shows at Disneyland.

The flying robots can also be used to hold up a screen on which a video is projected on from below. They could also control a puppet midair.( puppet in air).

Patent Information
US 9,067,320
Robotic texture

Inventors: Beardsley; Paul (Zurich, CH), Mora; Javier Alonso (Zurich, CH), Breitenmoser; Andreas (Zurich, CH), Perazzi; Federico (Bergamo, IT), Hornung; Alexander (Zurich, CH)
Assignee: Disney Enterprises, Inc. (Burbank, CA)
Family ID: 1000001184529
Appl. No.: 13/458,875
Filed: April 27, 2012

Techniques are disclosed for controlling robot pixels to display a visual representation of a real-world video texture. Mobile robots with controllable color may generate visual representations of the real-world video texture to create an effect like fire, sunlight on water, leaves fluttering in sunlight, a wheat field swaying in the wind, crowd flow in a busy city, and clouds in the sky. The robot pixels function as a display device for a given allocation of robot pixels. Techniques are also disclosed for distributed collision avoidance among multiple non-holonomic and holonomic robots to guarantee smooth and collision-free motions.

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