Magic Leap Augmented Reality Strategy Insights from Patents

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Saturday, Feb 6, 2016

Magic Leap is a leading augmented reality (AR) startup company. Magic Leap had raised more than $1.3 billion of venture funding from Alibaba, Google, Qualcomm, and other investors since its foundation in 2010.

The following analysis regarding Magic Leap AR strategy is based on its recent published patent application: US20160026253.

System Design Strategy

  • Biomedical engineering approach to the complex human visual perception system for producing and providing the AR contents
  • AR technology that facilitates a comfortable, natural-feeling, rich presentation of virtual image elements
  • AR system that work with the visual configuration of a typical human to address various challenges in AR applications (e.g., speed of the system in delivering virtual content, quality of virtual content, eye relief of the user, and size and portability of the system)

Enabling Technology Development

To accommodate comfortable viewing with minimal hardware, a larger field of view can be created by aggregating the outputs/reflections of various different reflective and/or diffractive surfaces: A frame-sequential configuration in which the eye is presented with a sequence of frames at high frequency that provides the perception of a single coherent scene.

Example: The reflective surfaces 110 can be intentionally and sequentially activated with frame-sequential input information 106, in which each reflective surface presents a narrow field of view sub-image which is tiled with other narrow field of view sub-images presented by the other reflective surfaces to form a composite wide field of view image.