Marni Welch
Bus. Phone: 510 541 1206

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Consumer electronics, RF, DSP, embedded systems, RF, DSP, organizational development.

Marni Welch 1

2240 6th St.
Berkeley, CA 94710

Bramson Welch & Associates, Inc. is a consulting and embedded engineering services firm based in Emeryville, California that specializes in Internet of Things, Custom USB, Big Data, Wearable Technology, Sensors, RF and RFID, Mobile Wireless, and iPhone/Android Accessories. We design and prototype hardware, write firmware and software, design for manufacturing, test, create intelligent testing fixtures and procedures, and help customers get products manufactured in high or low volumes.

Representative Projects

Custom USB:

  • USB/Serial Adapter that supports Mac OS X and Windows
  • SerialHID — Special USB firmware and software that allows data communication between a USB device and Mac, PC or Linux host without requiring a host device driver
  • Game controller with gesture recognition and on-board script language
  • Consumer device that supplies its host software via USB flash emulation
  • Field Firmware Update over USB

Internet of Things:

  • Special Host software that causes a webpage to appear on the desktop browser when a custom USB device is plugged in. Allows communication between the device, webpage and webserver — without violating browser security or communications firewall
  • Software/Firmware technology that supports communication between a custom USB device and desktop software running on Mac, PC and Linux
  • Created a discovery and communication scheme for a TCP/IP network appliance to provide plug and play functionality
  • Designed and implemented multiple device (USB, Wireless, etc.) connectivity schemes SDKs that provide high level services and hardware abstraction
  • Designed tracking device with GPS (and other location technologies) and cell network IP modem

Mobile Wireless:

  • Bluetooth speakerphone Bluetooth survey grade GPS interface accessory for iPhone
  • Bluetooth Smart device that provides distance information to a Smartphone for an App which helped the user locate the device
  • Touchscreen programmable game controller with RFID and USB

iPhone Accessories:

  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Serial Adapter
  • USB Printer Adapter
  • Charger w/HDMI Video
  • Bluetooth Smart high bandwidth data capture