Some Tips For Updating Your LinkedIn and CNSV Profile 1

Some Tips For Updating Your LinkedIn and CNSV Profile

Posted Thursday, Jul 23, 2015 by Sean Murphy

I read a great article on “LinkedIn Makeover: How to Polish Your Profile” that offered a number of practical suggestions that are not only applicable to a LinkedIn profile but also a CNSV profile:


  • Always use a profile picture.
  • Make sure the image is in focus and is cropped closely enough to show your face clearly.
  • Consider a context that’s relevant your profession when choosing the setting and background.
  • Investing in a professional portrait may go a long way to making a favorable first impression.


  • Customize your headline to encourage people to click through to your profile.
  • Consider what sets you apart from others in similar roles.
  • Inject personality into your headline.

Profile URL (LinkedIn only)

  • If you haven’t customized your URL, it will likely include a string of random letters and numbers.
  • Ideally, you want your URL to include your first and last name or company name


  • Inject personality into your summary.
  • Avoid littering your summary with overused buzzwords.
  • Consider adding words and phrases that hiring managers or potential clients might use to search for someone like you.
  • Choose important keywords carefully, and reuse them.


  • Details matter: Be consistent in your use of punctuation, tenses and graphical elements.
  • Add data points that showcase the value you bring to companies, such as the amount of money you saved your employer or a client.

I have tried to apply these to my LinkdedIn profile:

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