Recent video "Wearable Devices - Just a Fad?" by member, Walt Maclay 1

Recent video “Wearable Devices – Just a Fad?” by member, Walt Maclay

Posted Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015 by Walt Maclay

Looking at wearable devices, many people say “this is just a fad,” and ask, “does anybody really use this for long?” In this short video, Walt Maclay explains why he thinks that wearable devices are just the electronic augmentation of what were traditionally mechanical or optical devices. He maintains that these “smart” wearable devices are not only here to stay, but will continue to grow.

All these smart products rely on sensors to convert physical parameters to electrical signals. Sensors are becoming increasingly important in terms of our home life, work, education, recreation and medical applications.

Walt Maclay is President and Chief Engineer of Voler Systems, a Silicon Valley firm that provides high-quality consulting and engineering services for new product design. Voler Systems’ team is highly experienced with all types of sensors and sensor signal conditioning.


  1. User AvatarKim Parnell

    Great content and comments Walt!

    I will add a few personal data points:
    I have been wearing my FitBit Charge 24×7 for about 8 months now and only take it off for showers and to dry off after a workout. I really like the upgrades and added capability that they have provided in the App and I believe also in the device embedded software. Very well done.

    I also make use of the sensors in my iPhone and iPad with a number of different apps such as exercise tracking, measurement, etc.

    Sensors, sensors, everywhere!!