William F. Rousseau, PhD
Bus. Phone: 925.455.8008

CNSV Emeritus Member

IEEE Member

IEEE-CNSV Co-Founder

Mathematics, physics, computer software, project leadership.

842 Lucille St
Livermore, CA 94550-3519

Dr. Rousseau has over 45 years experience in solving engineering problems using mathematics, physics and computer software, and through project leadership. In semi-retirement he has developed custom software for Internet companies.

Professional Experience and Expertise:

  • Managing interdisciplinary projects
  • Credit card and ATM processing and client-server software
  • Computer and Internet security
  • Internet appliance and embedded computers
  • Call center software
  • Kalman filters, statistical communications theory and spread spectrum communications
  • Game theory
  • Computer control and safety systems
  • Spacecraft navigation and orbital mechanics
  • Human factors in nuclear reactor control rooms
  • Energy economics
  • Electric power transmission line switching transients

Dr. Rousseau was one of the founders of CNSV in 1993, and was the first to promote the idea of a website. He built a prototype on a borrowed laptop to show at a meeting. After getting approval, he designed and maintained the original site from 1996 until early 2006.

He has a BS in EE from Carnegie Institute of Technology, and an MS and PhD in EE from Stanford University.

Bill is currently retired.