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Tony T. Pratkanis, MS CS, BS CS
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Robotics Software and Firmware Development, Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development

Silicon Valley, CA –

I am a robotics researcher and software consultant. I got my start as at high-school intern at Willow Garage, where I helped develop the PR2 personal robots and the ROS robot operating system. Since then, I have worked on a variety of robotics projects including the PR2 “Coffee Run” in which I programmed a PR2 robot to automatically fetch a cup of coffee from a store. In addition to these software focused projects, I have also developed fully integrated hardware and software solutions, building an integrated project consisting of circuit design, firmware development, mobile application development and web backend development. By leveraging my experience across these different aspects of system development, I can efficiently collaborate to design and build a complete IoT or robotics-based product for your application.

Specific Technologies:

– ROS Software Development
– Android and iOS Development
– STM32 and PIC Microcontroller Development
– Embedded Linux Development
– Linux Administration
– Networked and Distributed System Development
– WebRTC and Related Technologies
– AWS, DigitalOcean and Google Cloud
– MySQL and Other Database Systems
– JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Related Technologies
– Backend Web Development