Stephen W. Harting
Bus. Phone: 408.257.4472

CNSV Member

IEEE Life Member

Concept to product consulting: FPGA, Verilog, PCB, Python, Ethernet, IP, SAS2, SOHO, PCAP

8015 Rainbow Dr
Cupertino, CA 95014

Concept to product consulting, emphasis on Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic Capture  (reference design IP in Verilog)

  • 10Gbps wire-speed NetFlow-probe (v5 …)
  • 10Gbps wire-speed capture device upto 48TB              U.S. Patent Pending

Protocols (IP in Verilog)

  • Ethernet IP IEEE802.3ae 10G Base-R
  • Ethernet IP IEEE802.3z 1000FX
  • Ethernet IP IEEE802.3x 100FX
  • Storage IP T10/1562 SAS2

FPGA Design:

  • Verilog, Modelsim, Intel Quartus
  • Porting Verilog between different FPGA families
  • 10 Gbps “channel” analysis/equalization

Hardware Design:

  • Orcad schematic capture
  • Pads PCB
  • Pspice

Software Design:

  • Python
  • 10Gbps SOHO traffic monitor with polished GUI


  • BSEE, MSEE, PhD candidate in Computer Networking, UCLA
  • 100FX Switch ASIC
  • 1000FX Router FPGA
  • Multiple U.S. Patents

Strengths include Root-Cause analysis as a hands-on contributor in solving design and system issues that increase product functionality and decrease implementation complexity.