Siamak Arya, Ph.D.
Bus. Phone: 408 497 2792
CNSV Affiliate Member

System, SSD, Processor Architecture and Microarchitecture; Performance Engineering; Expert Witness

21310 Columbus Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014

Siamak Arya Consulting offers over 30 years of experience in SSD, system and processor architecture and design, as well as performance analysis to consult in the following patent areas:
  • Solid State Drive − High Performance Enterprise and Embedded SSD architecture and microarchitecture design; hardware and firmware − Performance improvement − Design review
  • System − Architecture design and analysis; multi and parallel processing, memory system, etc.
  • Expert witness − Claim construction, general investigation, patent evaluation
  • Processors − Architecture, micro-architecture, instruction set, data path, performance analysis, etc. − Strategies, Structures, Policies: Cache, Pipeline, Instruction issue, etc. − General and special purpose processors. − VLIW, Superscalar, Vector, SIMD
  • System Performance analysis − Metrics and workload specification and development − Performance analysis for system, system components, or application improvement − Algorithm and application analysis and performance improvement and projection − Bandwidth and throughput analysis and projection
  • Applications areas − Scientific and number crunching, consumer, video, and DSP
I hold thirteen US patents and have a number of publications.