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Shashi Sathyanarayana, Ph.D.
Bus. Phone: 510.673.6113

CNSV Member

IEEE Senior Member

Algorithm Development, Deep Learning, Image/Signal Processing, Machine Learning. Applications: Biomedical Systems, Computer Vision, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics and more.

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SF Bay Area, CA  

You need an algorithm to drive your application. Commercial software is unable to adapt to your unique needs. Your application involves numerical operations substantially different from the canned choices available in enter-view-edit applications, and it can not be solved with the algorithm in its textbook avatar. However simple the task, you need expertise.

We specialize in algorithms specifically tuned to the application on hand. Such algorithms have consistently proven to improve quality, eliminate production errors, lower costs, and exceed consumer expectations for products at competitive prices. Application areas: biomedical systems, control, computer vision, instrumentation, medical devices, consumer electronics and more.

COMPLETE SERVICES from algorithm design to implementation and testing: First, we talk to you and understand your needs. “Show us the images you need enhanced” we ask. Or “Are these the measurements you need to monitor for quality control?” Then we design the projects with careful scoping and relevant milestones. Transparent reports and analysis mark our development style. We test according to mutually agreed check points. We rejoice in your success.

ALTERNATIVELY, we develop the algorithm, run it on your data or specification and give you the results. This offering is hugely popular with businesses involved in exploratory work and feasibility studies. This option is also in demand in academic circles struggling to publish or perish and researchers seeking key analysis critical for winning grant applications. You will also reap the benefits of having an independent party attest to the validity of your results. We even offer training to help you develop and showcase your own algorithms. You think and create, we code and compute.

The principals have more than 50 years of discovery, research and product development creating algorithms for industry and academia. They are also available for training and seminars.

Shashi was a CNSV At-Large Director in 2015.

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