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Sean Murphy
Bus. Phone: 408 252 9676

CNSV Affiliate Member

Early Customers / Early Revenue For Expertise & Technology Products

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494 Chinaberry
San Jose, CA 95129

I love helping entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs find disruptive uses for innovative technologies. I assist technology entrepreneurs to find leads and close deals. I have been an independent consultant since 2003. Prior to that I spent more than two decades working in engineering, marketing, and business development roles in a variety of Silicon Valley technology firms, ranging from startups to firms like AMD, 3Com, and Cisco.

I hold a BS in Mathematical Sciences (now called Computer Science) and an MS in Engineering-Economic Systems (now part of Management Science and Engineering) both from Stanford University.

Typical Projects Address:

  • Technology Adoption
  • Discovery-Driven Sales
  • Business Development
  • Channel Partner Development
  • Pricing and Value Proposition
  • Negotiation Sequencing and Strategies
  • Lead Generation and Qualification
  • Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

I did a chalk talk on technology adoption many entrepreneurs have found use, see I blog regularly at

I was an At-Large Director for CNSV in 2015.

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 My consulting business videos: