Scott Brenneman 1

Scott A. Brenneman
BrenConsult, LLC
Bus. Phone: 650.796.5140
Mobile: 650.796.5140

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

System and board-level electrical design; embedded systems; analog & digital; battery-powered products; wearables; Bluetooth; EMC & regulatory approval support.

4757 McKinley Drive
Boulder, CO 80303

Skills include:

  • board and system-level design
  • product design and development
  • analog and digital circuit design
  • embedded systems
  • handheld and battery-powered devices
  • products incorporating Bluetooth
  • EMC and regulatory approvals
  • project management
  • firmware for prototypes and demos
  • innovation processes
  • manufacturing ramp-up

I help organizations succeed in their electronic product design and development programs. My expertise as a design engineer enables me to solve complex electronic product development problems. My depth of experience encompasses a wide variety of industries (consumer; computer; medical; industrial; automotive; telecom) and roles (design engineer; project lead; client account manager).

A history of success, coupled with a passion for design and a strong team orientation, position me to successfully undertake your new project. I communicate effectively, work well with people, and am highly ethical, a fast learner, adaptive, intuitive and pragmatic.



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