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Ronald W. Dennison
Bus. Phone: 408 929 7023
Mobile: 408.823.8930
Fax: 408.929.7025
Other: 408.929.7230

CNSV Member

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Innovation in Data Storage Technology. Expert Witness.

Ronald Dennison 2

4050 Soelro Ct.
San Jose, CA 95127-2711

Ron is a very active industry analyst and specialist in the introduction of new technology. Current work also includes magnetic modeling and analysis of future technology directions in data storage, as well as activity as an expert witness in the areas of disk drive servo technology, hard drive failure analysis and optical drive systems.

He is also co-organizer of two major data storage industry conferences that cover the latest technology in magnetic, optical and flash memories. These are the Storage Visions Conference and the Network Storage Conference.

Ron has a solid record of accomplishments that comprise a number of very innovative and successful products and processes. These have included some of the industry’s earliest MR heads and plated and sputtered thin film disks, Maxtor’s first double capacity drive, Maxtor’s first 3.5″ drive, Toshiba’s first 3.5″ drive, Quantum’s self-servo writing system, etc. The technologies (heads, media, channel, servo and process) embodied in these and other products include a great many industry firsts.

Until 2004, Ron served as VP Advanced Development and later VP Engineering for MarQlin Corporation, a start-up microdrive (1″ disk drive) company. He was a key member of the design team for drive architecture, heads and media specifications and selection. In that role he evaluated new technologies and intellectual property, and did analysis and modeling of hard drive architecture (including servo), mechanics, magnetics, etc.