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Ron Maltiel
Bus. Phone: 408 446 3040
Mobile: 408.314.2258

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Semiconductor consulting, expert witness service in process, circuit, device for FLASH, DRAM, Analog

19743 Yuba Ct.
Saratoga, CA 95070-3948

Ron Maltiel is a litigation expert consultant and patent expert witness with more than 20 years experience in all phases of the design and implementation of semiconductor processes, devices and circuits. He has worked in the semiconductor field in the development and production of various product types such as Dynamic Ram Memory (DRAM), Flash Memory (NAND, NOR, EEPROM, HDD or SSD), and Static Ram Memory (SRAM) memories used for microprocessor and logic, digital, and Analog devices. Ron holds more than half a dozen patents that have been cited more than 100 times, and which cover varied areas of semiconductor device, processes and measurements.

Ron studied semiconductors at Stanford University graduate school, and developed new semiconductor processes and devices at Intel, AMI, AMD and Maxim. He has served as an expert consultant and expert witness and is experienced in supporting patents and trade secrets litigation. He is also fluent in Hebrew.

Ron’s website includes links to Ron’s patents and patent resources, semiconductor news and general semiconductor resources. Ron’s blog includes commentary on Semiconductor industry at the confluence of Process, Product, and Circuits design

Areas of chip IC Expertise:

  • semiconductor process (CMOS, BICMOS)
  • circuits
  • design
  • manufacturing (front end, back end)
  • wafer fabrication (oxidation, polysilicon, plasma, etch, lithography, diffusion, metal, planarization, grove, trench)
  • process flow (sub-micron)
  • digital
  • analog
  • logic
  • microprocessor
  • submicron
  • test chip
  • measurement

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