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Robert O. Peruzzi, PhD, PE
Bus. Phone: 610.462.3939

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Electronics Consultant, Expert Witness

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719 Fourth Ave.
Bethlehem, PA 18018

As an expert witness, I offer the following services:
• Analysis of patents and advise on validity and/or infringement
• Forensic investigation regarding Circuits and Systems, Communications and Control, and  Electrically-related Personal Injury matters
• Litigation support including deposition and testimony

Notable projects for clients:
Patents and Intellectual Property
• Patent Infringement Case regarding Automatically Self-Adjusting Audio Equipment
• Patent Infringement Case regarding Geo-Location of Mobile Phone Devices
• Patent Review and Analysis relating to

o Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software programs
o A/D, D/A converters and their calibration
o Electronic control systems for HVAC systems

Circuits and Systems
• Business Sale/Purchase Dispute over Semiconductor Test Equipment Manufacturing Capability
• Dispute over Product Requirements, Specifications, and Quality for Video Screens
Communications and Control Systems
• Business Dispute over Design of Two-Way Communication System for Drive-Through Restaurants
• Person Injured when the Control System of the Rod Handler of a Construction Drill Rig Malfunctioned
• Fatal Collision between a Police Vehicle and a Civilian Vehicle
• Person Injured by Hot Cleaning Solution when Pressure Sensor Was Removed from Tank
• Person Injured by Remote Control Hobbyist Drone
• Wirelessly-Remote-Controlled Drilling Equipment Tragic Failure
• Electronic Toll Collection and Traffic Control Lane Accident Investigation
Electrically-Related Personal Injury
• Person Injured by Electric Shock while Servicing MRI Main Disconnect Panel
• Person Injured by Electric Shock while Swimming in Recreation Center Pool
• Investigated Remains of Electrical Equipment Recovered from Fatal Hotel Fire
• Person Injured by Explosion of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Pocket
• Person Injured by Electrical Shock in Bathroom of Rented Beach Unit
• Home Electrical Fire Investigation

Specialized Continuing Education:
• Expert Witness SEAK Seminars, including patent-specific training
• Advanced Fire Investigation for Professional Engineers, NAFE educational seminar
• Fundamentals of Lightning Protection Systems, by CED Engineering
• Interior Electrical Distribution Systems
• Grounding and Bonding of Electrical Systems

As a technical consultant, I have broad and deep understanding of analog/mixed-signal (AMS) circuits and systems, as well as strong experience with design verification, especially for chip-level analog and mixed-signal ICs. I independently review and verify digital and analog/mixed-signal ICs using electronic design automation (EDA) software before funds are committed to manufacturing the design. My services:
• Advise and provide solutions for top-down design methodologies, and the analysis, design, modeling and verification of RF, analog and digital circuits. For design verification (DV) of Systems-on-Chip (SOC) with embedded AMS sub-systems I develop DV strategies, verification plans, create behavioral models and test-cases to execute the verification-plan (V-Plan)
• Create behavioral models of electrical circuits, wireless system components and electro- mechanical units to be used for DV. DV languages include universal verification methodology (UVM), System Verilog (SV) using real-number modeling (RNM) of analog signals and systems, Verilog, Verilog- AMS, VHDL, VHDL-AMS, Verilog-A, Spice, Spectre and others
• IC Circuit-Design and DV tools include those by Cadence and Mentor Graphics
• Design algorithms, software and hardware for system self-tuning and calibration
Client products include:
• Lithium Ion Battery Management Systems
• Single-chip Transceivers for Products with Antenna Diversity
• Hard-Disk-Drive READ-Channel integrated circuits
• Single-Chip RF Television Receivers
• High Speed Serializer/De-serializer (SERDES) Circuits
• Mixed-signal Power management ICs comprising low drop-out (LDO) and switch-mode step-up (boost) and step-down (buck) converters intended for medical or general applications
• Magnetometers (for sensing magnetic field intensity and angle)
• Analog/Mixed-Signal Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Tools

Notable projects for clients:
• Examined Lithium Ion Battery Management System schematics and algorithms, and advised on design process and methodology
• Taught in-house class “An Introduction to Mixed-Signal Behavioral Modeling and Verification” for engineering and engineering management staff of client company
• Designed electronic system components for a high-accuracy magnetic field sensor
• Created and validated Matlab/Simulink models for top-down design and verification of that complete magnetometer system
• Designed an optimal self-tuning algorithm for a local-oscillator generator’s phase-locked-loop
• Designed a self-calibration mechanism for poly-phase filters used in a Television Receiver RF front end

• 2017 Engineer of the Year by the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers – Lehigh Valley, PA Chapter

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