Robert A Felten
Bus. Phone: 408.348.1913
CNSV Affiliate Member

Software development, RESTfull backend web APIs, real-time embedded, object-oriented, telecommunications, team lead, instructor, Qt,

249 Main Ave S Ste 107-352
North Bend, WA 98045

Professional experience in all phases of software development (requirements definition, systems engineering, s/w architecture, design, coding, debugging, testing, documentation, maintenance, design reviews, configuration management) — from stand-alone programs to large team efforts — acting as developer, team leader, technical s/w leader, and manager.

C++ / Objected Oriented expert — designed, implemented, and also taught advanced C++ classes at both Applied Signal Technology and Raytheon Learning Center in El Segundo. Co- wrote official Raytheon C++ coding standards now in use nationally.

Telecommunications — TCP/IP and UDP socket programming. Signal grooming & routing

Real-time embedded programming. Developed s/w that is now the standard for use to steer electronically scanned antennas at Raytheon.

Signal Processing and Imaging. Worked with analysts using signal processing, FFTs, and other algorithms to produce radar tracking, target detection, image generation, and radar calibration.

Languages — C++/C, C#, Flash/Flex/ActionScript, Ada, Matlab

Extensive use of C++ Standard Template Library, Boost Library, and Qt GUI, socket and container library

Operating Systems — Linux, VxWorks, Unix, Windows, .NET

APIs — QT, Google Protocol Buffers (GPB), SNMP, Motif

Computers — Linux PCs, Sun and SGI Workstations, Windows PCs, H.P. Workstations, various Embedded Processors, Circuit Emulators