Rena C. Ayeras
Mobile: 408.823.6464
Fax: 408.521.2929

CNSV Member
IEEE Member

Technical manuals: hardware, software, system

POB 32310
San Jose, CA 95152-2310

I am a technical writer with a technical background: test, design, system integration. Having designed and maintained systems, I am aware of the need of precise information for installation, configuration, development, test, trouble-shooting, utilization, and maintenance.

Having a technical background enables me to successfully conduct technical research, interpret preliminary design notes, schematics and code, understand the product, keep abreast of design changes, and effectively interface with the staff including engineers, QA, technical support, and marketing.

I have created, updated, and edited detailed and accurate user guides, test and installation procedures, release notes, and data books. These documents have been developed created for users, developers, and field/sales engineers. In many cases, these documents have provided useful information for in-house trainers and technical support.

The subjects include Automated Test Equipment for semiconductors, analog and digital ASIC databooks, hardware installation, Command Line Interface reference guides, EDA, and network technology. The network technology includes Voice over IP (VOIP), NIC, VLAN and Load Balancing.

I have also created and edited flyers and brochures for marketing, and proposals for grants and funding.