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Rachel Zhao, PhD
Mobile: 408.320.6957

CNSV At-Large Director

Finite Element Analysis: Fatigue, Impact, Vibration, Blast, Biomechanics; Mechanics research and teaching: material damage and failure, composites; bilingual English and Chinese.

San Jose, CA

Dr. Rachel Zhao, the Principal and Founder of AZ Engineering and Science, a distinguished consulting network at the forefront of innovation and expertise. With an illustrious career spanning three decades, Dr. Zhao stands as a luminary in the fields of structure analysis and mechanics research, having left indelible marks in both industry and academia.

Dr. Zhao boasts extensive experience across diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, civil engineering, electronics, and bioengineering. Her comprehensive expertise encompasses a myriad of specialized areas, from basic finite element analysis to advanced techniques like the interaction between solid and fluid materials, exemplified by her proficiency in tools such as Nastran, Ls-Dyna, Abaqus, Optistruct, Hypermesh, nCode, and Ansys, etc.

Notable highlights of Dr. Zhao’s career include her pivotal role in vehicle durability analysis, vehicle and occupant crashworthiness, spacecraft composite structure vibration studies, and electronics fatigue analysis, vehicle or civil structure and occupants blast analysis. Her academic contributions are equally impressive, having nurtured the minds of future engineers through teaching and mentoring, while spearheading groundbreaking research in biomechanics.

A seasoned project leader, Dr. Zhao has led teams and managed projects with precision, earning accolades for her adept communication skills showcased in captivating presentations at international conferences. Fluent in both English and Chinese, she effortlessly conveys complex concepts, further enhancing her global impact and influence in the realm of engineering and science.

Rachel has been an At-Large Director since 2024.

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