Rachel Zhao 1

Rachel Zhao, PhD
Mobile: 408.320.6957

CNSV Affiliate Member

Finite Element Analysis: Fatigue, Impact, Vibration, Blast, Biomechanics; Mechanics research and teaching: material damage and failure; bilingual English and Chinese.

San Jose, CA

Our mission is to provide exceptional engineering analysis, research, and education, empowering future STEM scholars, while delivering unparalleled solutions and support to revolutionize the field of engineering:

  • Engineering Analysis, Research & Guidance: We deliver exceptional finite element analyses for optimized structure/device designs, covering durability, fatigue, vibration, blast analysis, impact and injury, damage mechanics, and biomechanics.
  • Teaching: Through our teaching services, we empower individuals with Solid Mechanics and Finite Element Analysis expertise, including software and industry application.
  • Our services also include English-Mandarin translations of engineering and scientific materials.
  • Multilingual Proficiency: We provide all of our services in English and Mandarin.

Experience includes:

  • Delivered technical consultations to clients
  • Presented academic seminars on mechanics, FEA methods, & applications like vehicle impact, blast, Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method, random vibration fatigue, damage coupled fatigue, & biomechanics simulation
  • Pioneered cutting edge research like finite element aortic modeling methods of Acute Aortic Syndrome & Chronic Aortic Disease modeling. Fully considering blood clots, blood flow, & three-layer aortic walls, validated blood clot size for aortic rupture surgery decisions

Written proposals include:

  • Mitigation of Blast Injuries through Modeling and Simulation, submitted to Dept. of Defense SBIR as Principal Investigator
  • Predicting evolution of chronic thoracic aortic disease and aortic traumatic injury, submitted to National Institute of Health, as Principal Investigator
  • IDR/Collaborative Research, 3D Imaging of Tissue-like Materials Using Ultrasound-assisted Broadband Microwave Interferometry (UA-BMWI), submitted to National Science Foundation, as Co-Principal Investigator

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