Rachel Zhao, Ph.D.
Bus. Phone: 408.320.6957
CNSV Affiliate Member

Mechanics, finite element analysis (FEA), CAE, Optimized Design, static, dynamics impact, vibration, blast, composite, thermal stress, fatigue, creep, biomechanics, vehicle, LS-DYNA, ABAQUS, NASTRAN

San Jose, CA 95119
United States


·   Wide experience of leading structure analysis and design in defense, aerospace, automotive, electronics, civil engineering, medical field, mechanics and biomechanics

·   Extensive experience using finite element analysis, mechanics and mechanical engineering to drive design e.g. military/civilian vehicle/civil structure /occupant/pedestrian impact and blast; spacecraft vibration, composite thermal stress; aircraft and automotive engine creep and fatigue; PCB vibrations in satellites, thermal mechanical fatigue of solder, electronics devices and touch display reliability, medical surgical machine design etc

·   Strong ability to improve design or find failure root cause quickly using the first principles and engineering judgment from over 10 year industry production line experience; Well-trained industry methodology such as Composite Design, Six Sigma Green Belt certification

·   Expertise in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods including Fluid–Structure Interaction (FSI)  such as Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) method and material model subroutine development with LS-DYNA, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, ANSYS, HYPERWORKS(Radioss, Hypermesh, Optistruct), FEMAP, SOLIDWORKS, MATLAB, MATHCAD,  ProE/CREO Visual Basic and Fortran etc.

·   Strong mechanics and mechanical engineering research background as an Associate Professor and technical supervisor of  Ph.D candidates, supervised industry projects; specialized in structure failure analysis, material modeling including thermoviscoplasticity damage coupled material creep fatigue model and their computational methods, biomechanics research etc; teaching mechanics and mechanical courses and tests; obtained grants as a principal investigator; published papers in Int. Journals

·   Wide experience of leading and managing projects on plans, driving design from concepts to products with mechanics theory concepts, finite element analysis, and manufacture process requirement in defense, aerospace, automotive, electronics, civil engineering and biomechanics; Experience leading a team and managing projects to meet schedule and quality requirements, supervising engineers; review analysis and design, FEA models or technical reports and writing proposals and project reports; communicating with multiple stakeholders effectively; managing multiple simultaneous projects efficiently; motivating team members actively

·   Volunteer work:  Peer review papers for International Journals such as Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, Fatigue, Biomechanics, ASME and SAE; Organized technique activity as ASME SCVS Vice Chair.