Peter C. Salmon, Product Developer
Mobile: 650.814.1076
CNSV Member
IEEE Life Member

Engineering consultant, expert witness, system designer

1885 S Springer Rd Unit B
Mountain View, CA 94040-4052

Peter is a systems engineer and product developer. He holds foundational patents in several areas including water-cooled servers, mobile devices, magnetically coupled devices, manufacturing on a moving web.

Peter is expert in the following areas:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Mobile peripheral devices
  • Semiconductor Packaging
  • Product development and associated IP development

Experienced in litigation support and product tear down analysis.

Past board member and founder of special interest groups (SIGs) at CNSV.

Peter’s electronic packaging inventions include disruptive packaging for high performance computers including servers and supercomputers; advanced cooling methods; copper cooling channels; a new test methodology for high speed functional test at the system level; embedded test/monitor chips, tiling with independently operable clusters of components, intelligent power distribution devices capable of powering up and powering down individual chips.

As a technologist and system designer Peter has invented and developed multiple system hardware and software designs to various levels of maturity. Commercial systems include a high speed printer employing dry toner, electrostatic imaging and voltage traveling waves; electrostatic motors and generators operating at high voltage and having compact size and high energy efficiency; 3D electronic systems including stacked semiconductor devices and solder-free assembly methods. Military systems include reconnaissance systems having multiple air-borne vehicles, platforms and ground stations.

Peter has presented many conference papers and technical talks. He won the Best of Conference Award at the 2nd International Wafer Level Packaging Conference in San Jose, CA, for his paper Repairable 3D Semiconductor Subsystem.