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Joe Zott
Bus. Phone: 650.328.6828
Mobile: 650.328.6828

CNSV Member

IEEE Senior Member

Executive management, Project management, Business development, PCB, FPGA, Software, Optical, Mechanical, manufacturing, distribution, technical sales, medical device quality/regulatory, intellectual

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408 Calle Vista Torito
San Clemente, CA 92672

Business and technical management, product development for many industries – medical, industrial, mobile, wireless, consumer, semiconductor, software, information security and defense intelligence.

Former VP of Engineering and head of all product operations – Starting as solo engineer working in his basement took a medical device and company to hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue by shipping to over 100 countries worldwide. Led the development of all 3 product generations, products won multiple awards, set up and managed a supply chain with internal and multiple contract manufacturers, established and managed companies 13485 quality system, performed all worldwide regulatory filings for 7 years, managed customer support process for profitability and for enhancing product improvements.

Patent experience:

  • Named inventor in 9 patents – obtained patents as both an individual without use of a patent attorney and as a company employee
  • As Engineering VP supervised the awarding of 50 patents to the company
  • Participated as engineering executive on both sides of various patent disputes
  • As engineering manager developed strategies to both design around patents as well as construct defensive patent strategies

2021/2022 customer consulting projects have included:

  • Product tuning of imaging medical device – product wasn’t meeting its design performance – identified product system and electrical changes that resulted in product meeting customer needs
  • Project Mentor for inexperienced embedded software engineering team developing a CubeSat – management, software design, prototyping, testing – Linux/Python/Rust
  • Analyzed and reversed engineered Verilog FPGA code – now documented, understood, and each module is independently simulatable
  • Algorithm development – Reviewed device performance, characterized sensor, proposed improved sensor processing algorithm – Python
  • Startup needing to meet FDA medical device regulations – developed and put in place quality management system

Expert Specialties:

  • Medical devices – diagnostic
  • System engineering
  • Medical device regulatory – process development, design, risk management
  • Hand-held and portable computing products
  • Electro-optics
  • Manufacturing – transitioning designs to manufacturing, developing test equipment, establishing and monitoring quality operations
  • Consumer electronics
  • Wireless – consumer, industrial, defense intelligence
  • Mobile computers
  • Product design and management
  • FPGA
  • Algorithms and implementations (video, audio, and radio)
  • Software (big & small) (architecture through code and test)
  • Network and computer security
  • Mixed signal semiconductor design
  • Network protocols
  • Simulation and modeling

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