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Jeff Safire
Bus. Phone: 925.462.5454
Mobile: 925.462.5454

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Websites, Webapps, Database, Source Code comparison, Source Code analysis, Patents, Copyright, Trade Secret, IPR, Intellectual Property, Expert Witness, Firmware, ATA/IDE, SCSI, Servo.

Jeff Safire 2

2267 Oakland Avenue
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Jeff has forty years total experience and twenty years as an independent software and firmware consultant, primarily in the computer data storage and medical device industries. He also has twenty-plus years experience as an expert witness and forensic expert consultant. Jeff has more recently developed websites and web applications for a variety of business disciplines. Jeff’s Expertise includes:

  • Firmware/Embedded software
  • IDE
  • SCSI
  • Read Channel
  • Databases
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Printers
  • Medical devices
  • Web development

Jeff was CNSV Treasurer in 2007–2008, a Director in 2013, and an At-Large Director in 2009-2012 and 2019-2021.  Jeff also ran CNSV’s CPP Seminar/Webinar program in 2009–2012 where he produced seminars and webinars for helping consultants with the business aspects of their consultancy, such as marketing and sales, and website and social media/networking.

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