Irving S Rappaport, Esq., CLP, IAM 300: World's Leading IP Strategists
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Patents, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights; Electrical, Electromechanical Fields, Mechanical Technologies.

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Palo Alto, CA 94303


  • ISSUES: Reasonable royalties, patent licenses, infringement, validity, patent prosecution; willful infringement, inequitable conduct, patent malpractice,
  • TECHNOLOGIES: databases, semiconductors, ICs, microprocessors, peripherals, video games, medical/dental, telecommunications, duties owed by directors/officers re patent rights; s/w licenses, trade secrets + damages, trademarks, copyrights, telephony, plasma TVs, pharmaceutical, power supplies, software licenses, cell phones, WiFi, cancer diagnostics, nanotechnology, internet abuse, XML, internet protocols, cybersecurity, coal freeze protection/dust control, LED screens, stock trading, memory + storage, monitor ergonomics, facsimile systems, OLTP, car alarms, duplex fast food communication systems, high-throughput,chemical/pharmaceutical discovery systems


  • Patentability, freedom to operate, validity searching; patent valuation; competitive patent landscape analysis; patent strategies; patent alerting and monitoring; custom patent database subscriptions; patent management software