Ira Feldman
Bus. Phone: 650 472 1192

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Semiconductor test and wafer probing, MEMS.

Ira Feldman 1

35 Pine Lane
Los Altos, CA 94022

Feldman Engineering helps transition high technology products from concept to commercialization. We assist our clients to rapidly and profitably achieve their goals through technical support and supply-chain management. Our team, which includes an extensive network of specialists, can quickly apply the proper expertise to efficiently solve your business and technology challenges.

Ira Feldman leads the Feldman Engineering team with his proven ability to resolve product management and engineering challenges within organizations as well as with their suppliers and customers. His broad knowledge and management experience with high volume manufacturing of complex technology products is the result of extensive expertise in the semiconductor test and computer test industries.

We engage in a wide range of projects:

  • product generation processes: product life cycles, product design processes, and product implementation
  • marketing: product positioning, product specifications, and outbound marketing
  • business development: customer acquisition, partnerships, and merger & acquisitions

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