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Glen Balzer
Bus. Phone: 650 917 0703
Mobile: 650.906.4878
Fax: 650.618.8692

CNSV Affiliate Member

Marketing, sales, relationships, contracts, manufacturers' representatives.

101 First St., Suite 184
Los Altos, CA 94024

Glen Balzer is a management and forensic consultant in domestic and international marketing and sales. He advises parties involved with contracts between manufacturers’ representatives, suppliers, global customers and industrial distributors. He promotes conflict resolution between parties involved in representative agreements and distribution agreements.

During the past 30 years he has established, upgraded and managed marketing and sales organizations throughout America, Europe and Asia. He is a widely published author on distributor and representative relationships and agreements, as well as sales organizations and commissions. He has written on the following topics:

  • Avoiding the Top 10 Mistakes with Distributor Agreements
  • Traits of Successful Representative Agreements
  • Proven Techniques Improve Supplier Relationships
  • Distributors Must Manage Supplier Relationship

His conflict resolution services include:

  • case review
  • consultation
  • expert witness testimony in deposition, arbitration and at trial