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Douglas A. Martin
Doug Martin Technology, Inc.
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CNSV Member

IEEE Senior Member

Electronic Hardware Development, Signal Processing, Servo & Feedback Control, Modeling & Simulation

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Sunol, CA 94586

Systems & Control: Matlab, Simulink, & SPICE modeling, simulation & design. Rigid body & flexible mechanical modeling & control. Resonance compensation. Heat transfer, biomechanical & other dynamic systems. Feedback servo control of all physical systems. AC motor, DC motor, step motor control. Phase locked servos (PLS). DC brushless motor commutation. Classical, modern, analog & digital control. State feedback & estimation. Temperature control. Fluid flow & pressure/vacuum control. Piezoelectric sensors and actuators. Microactuation. MEMS, Dual stage and dual loop control. Multi-axis stages. Atmospheric optical or high vacuum e-beam systems. Laser beam position stabilization. Embedded servo coding in C and assembly.

Optics: Imaging system design, Laser Interferometry, Acousto-Optic scanners and modulators. Modeling of optical spectral response, transmission & reflectivity. Optical sensing. Kohler illumination. Beam profiling.

Signals & Circuits: Photodiode amplifiers, EMI, signal to noise (SNR) and error rate analysis & design. Synchronous Modulation & Detection, AM, FM. Analog & digital phase locked loops (PLL). Non-linear circuits and systems. Switched capacitor circuits. Analog and digital filtering and general digital signal processing (DSP). Automatic gain control (AGC). Precise sensing systems. High power electronics for motor control or power conditioning. Gate count analysis for ASIC design.

Advanced Development Prototyping: Soft prototyping of hardware or software systems in Matlab/Simulink. Quick turn, low cost hardware prototype PCBs.

System Integration: Can lead a multidisciplinary team in developing complex systems integrating optics, mechanics, electronics, software, and other disciplines. From advanced R&D through production. Simple and low cost implementations.

Serving the Semiconductor Equipment, Medical Instrument, and Data Storage industries.

BSEE: Univ. of Washington. MSEE & Degree of Engineer: Santa Clara Univ.