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David Vieira
Bus. Phone: 408.916.1345

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

RF / Analog / Mixed-Signal Electronics - PCB ; Analog Integrated Circuits.

Radio Frequency: SDR, custom radios, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), Wi-Fi, RFID/NFC, LoRa, etc.
FCC compliance

San Jose, CA 95119

Principal Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF Design Consultant (IC & PCB/Hardware)

Services include:

  • Analog & Mixed-Signal IC design.  (concept to production).
  • RF & PCB systems:  (concept to production)
    • Architecture, Analysis, Design, Simulation, Schematic Entry, Design / Component specifications, Review, Layout, Review(s), Testing, Compliance, etc.

25+ years of engineering experience covering:

Analog & Mixed-Signal IC design:

  • Communication Channels for Physical Layer electronics:
    • RFID / NFC, Radios, Hard Disk Drive, DVD, Ethernet, SERDES.
  • Low Power Design.  NanoAmpere, Sub-Threshold biased design.
  • Timing: Oscillators (L/C, Ring, Crystals, Ceramic Resonators), PLL, clock tree, etc.
  • Standard Products: Data Converters (ADC/DAC), Amplifiers (PGA), Filters, Clocks, etc.

RF/Wireless Architecture & IoT Printed Circuit Boards:

  • Systems: PCB design, debug, and customer support.
  • Radio and Software Defined Radio (SDR).  Architecture, design, etc.
  • Guide and/or review PCB layouts and stackup. FLEX material for transmission line.
  • IC selection. Component selection (RF connectors, cable, etc.)
  • characterization (RL, SWR) of antenna, filters, and other components (S11, S21)
  • Wi-Fi (WiFi), Blue Tooth Low Energy (BTLE), RFID, NFC, and proprietary radios.
  • Radio Frequency Bands: NFC, VHF, UHF, S-Band, C-Band , X-Band, > 10 GHz, etc.
  • ISM Bands:  13.56 MHz, 902-928 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, etc.
  • RF Link Budgeting.
  • Internet of Things.  Consumer appliances; Industrial applications.  Control systems.
  • Temperature and other Sensors.  Data Acquisition and interfaces.

FCC / Government certification & compliance:

  • Lab Equipment to test, verify, and debug designs for Analog & RF systems.  (Inquire.)
    • Spectrum Analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer, Noise Figure Meter, Power Meter, Oscilloscope, DVM, etc.
  • FCC pre-scan, compliance testing.   EMI/EMC debug.
    • Emissions, Harmonics, Frequency stability, Interference.
  • FCC licensure:
    • General Radio Operator License (G.R.O.L.) with Radar Endorsement.
    • Amateur Extra license.

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