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Darius A. Przygoda, Ph.D.
Bus. Phone: 650 224 8992

CNSV Member

IEEE Member

Senior Medical Design Consultant (Hardware & Embedded Firmware). 20+ years of expertise. System architect, management of concept-to-product process. Hands-on skills.

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1525 McCarthy Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035

Senior Medical Design Consultant (Hardware & Embedded Firmware)

20+ years of consulting engineering experience covering:

  • System architecture definition
  • Analog and digital hardware design
  • Embedded software and firmware
  • Experience in design of wearable devices
  • Deep background in mathematics and physics
  • Familiarity with IEEE medical safety standards and required documentation
  • Hands on, familiarity with debugging tools

As a consultant, supports his customers with an extensive background in mathematics and physics and extensive hands-on background in circuit design, simulation and debugging techniques.
Experienced in concept-to-product development process. Took  part in many design projects which ended with bringing products to the production phase, during which he played both leading and supporting design/management roles.

System Architecture

  • Design/review of system architecture of medical and non-medical systems
  • Troubleshooting problems in electronic systems
  • Functional simulation and analysis of system behavior and module interactions

Hardware Design

Expertise in analog and digital hardware design, including:

  • Microcontroller systems
  • Amplifiers and signal converters
  • Measurement systems, sensors, and sensor interfaces
  • Low power supply modules (linear and switching)
  • Computer simulation of electronic circuitry

Embedded Firmware and Software

  • C/C++ embedded code (PICxx, TI4xx, ARM/Cortex)
  • Knowledge of assembly programming
  • Code validation and verification for medical projects

Medical Safety Standards and Documentation

  • Knowledge of schematic capture and PCB design tools
  • Familiarity with FDA required safety standards and rules (e.g., 60601)
  • Familiarity with production process of medical devices
  • Knowledge and ability to generate design documentation compatible with Customer’s documentation standards

Practical Design/Debug Skills

  • Low and high level system/circuit debugging from system level down to component level, including soldering capability on SMD level
  • Knowledge of PCB design and ability to supervise PCB designer

Work Experience (Important Projects)

  • Gastric restrictor (implantable device)
  • Wireless ECG system
  • Wireless wearable vitals monitor (ECG, posture, respiration, temperature, etc.)
  • Vascular pressure measurement device (catheter)
  • Epidural needle guidance system
  • Venous ablation system


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